Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Are Fam-il-y

I've been wanting to get a four generation photo of our girls for some time now. Two separate days of trying for photos in different light and we have some nice pictures of the girls! Not easy to get but sooo worth it once it's done.

Left to right, each dog is the mother of the dog next to it. Ch. Shadypines Viennetta ("Netta"), bi-black, 14.5 years old, dam of Am./Can. Ch. Whitegates Tinsel Town ("Holly"), bi-blue, 12.5 years old, dam of Ch. Whitegates Icy Hot ("Sizzle"), 8 years old, dam of Ch. Whitegates Icing On The Cake ("Sugar"), 5 years old, both blue merles with tan.

A shot from the first session, light not right but a nice picture none-the-less. Netta was a bit happier about the process on this day, even if her blackness doesn't look as good in this light. Same order, 4 consecutive generations. I always wonder what would be sitting on the right of Sugar had we ever bred her.

Mother and Daughter. Netta at 14.5 years and Holly at 12.5 years.

A cute one of Netta at 14.5 years. I gave her a puppy cut this year, shaping her big hair short all over. She sure appreciated it and actually looks pretty cute. She doesn't enjoy being groomed, especially now at her age, so it makes it easier for both of us.

Netta left so I took a grandmother, daughter, granddaughter shot of the blues.

Sugar wandered off so we have a three generation shot of the older end.

Back to our 4 generations!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Doe A Deer

I haven't been deer watching too much yet this year, so when I checked out the scene over the back fence I was able to capture the deer warning noise that I had first heard last year. They don't make this noise very often when they spot me, but maybe because they hadn't seen me in a while they thought I was worthy of the full display.

Notice the foot stamping that she does as well as the warning snorts and whistles. I had previously thought of deer as being pretty soundless. The rest do listen to her, when she left they all left with her.

I noticed the long scar on her left side in the video as well as the fact that she seemed a little thin. Three weeks later though, I'm not seeing the ribs anymore. Maybe it takes a while to beef up after the winter.

Because of the scar I can pick her out easily now. That's her on the right below, a few nights ago. There were six of them out there, she seems to be somewhat of a leader. No more snorting though. They saw me but I guess I'm old news.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Of My Favourites....

One of my all-time favourite Shelties....the picture says "The Garden 1979" on the back. Less glitzy than now, I guess! What a beautiful dog and a super ambassador for the breed. This was a typical Thunder pose!

BIS/BISS Am. Ch. Chenterra Thunderation ROM/ROMC and Steve Barger (another favourite)!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The turkey traffic has quieted down a lot in the last month or so, it seems at least some of them have been busy with their new families! Today was the first trot-through of babies I've seen this year. Mom was pretty cautious, moving them through and back into the deep grass fairly quickly.

Only two of them managing to make it this long from the 12-14 eggs they lay. They seem to have a quantity-based reproductive strategy.....make as many as you can and hope some of them survive. I've never seen one hen with more than six at this age.

Waiting together for Mom to take a few pecks under the bird feeder before moving along. Quite well camouflaged.

Back into deep cover.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swan Lake

I haven't seen the Trumpeter Swans on Palgrave pond since I wrote about them earlier. I guess they decided to move on. Then I noticed a Swan on another pond just down the road; thinking they might have switched over, I stopped to see. Here was another tagged Trumpeter Swan but a different one. I reported her as well. Apparently a Port Credit Swan that's decided to move to Caledon for a while. This time I could get much closer.

I was close enough to see her leg band under water, on the left, so knew she was a she. This was confirmed after I reported her.

This is the pond she was on. Not as big as the other pond, but plenty big enough.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

O Canada

Happy Canada Day!

The more I travel, the more I realize and appreciate just how lucky we are to live in such wonderful country. I'm always happy to come home and wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Some of you will remember this video from back in the day, it's the old signoff from CBC TV. Yes kids, in the "old days" TV would actually and literally go "off the air" usually after the "late movie" (around 2 a.m.) and not come on again until the morning show. This was your cue that you had stayed up as late as you could. Most stations (of the 12 you could get) had some sort of signoff before the "Indian head test pattern" would come on the screen, and this was the signoff for CBC TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

I think it's a very fitting Canada Day tribute. Worth letting it buffer for those with slow connections.

Happy Birthday Canada!!!