Monday, December 27, 2010


We heard the sad news that a special girl bred by us, and for a while co-owned by us, passed away recently, just one month short of her 18th birthday. Ch. Whitegates Only In Dreams, "Katie", was another "Dream" daughter. I had written about Dream and her almost 19 year old daughter "Kayla" here. This was a family with many long-lived individuals. (Dream herself lived to be over 16 years old). It's amazing to me that Dream, born in 1985, had a daughter still around and doing well in 2010.

Ch. Whitegates Only In Dreams and me, in 1994 when she finished her Championship. "Katie" was co-owned with good friends of ours and was their first Sheltie bitch. She started out with a road trip to the Canadian National '94 in Nova Scotia where she delighted all of us by winning her Sweeps class as well as her large (9 entries) 12-18 class under judge Barbara Linden. Katie also gave her new owners their first homebred Champion from their (and Katie's) first litter, Ch. Blueprint's Dare To Dream, CGC, HI, FM.

Katie had two litters and then went to live with close family of her owners. She was adored by them for the next 13 years. I know they miss her deeply as she was very much an intregral part of their family. They shared the next two pictures of Katie with me, both taken this past year when Katie was 17.

Katie with one of her girls. In her note to me she said "thank you for being the breeder of my best friend". Well now. How nice is that? In turn, who could have asked for a better life for this dog.

Katie's favourite spot, under the lilac tree in the garden. She doesn't look that much different in this picture at 17 1/2 years old from the show picture above at age 1 1/2 years.

Rest in peace, sweet girl. There sure are many good and happy memories held by a lot of people around this one dog's very long and full life.

Ch. Whitegates Only In Dreams

Am. Ch. Dundee Amos Moses, ROM/ROMC ex BIS/BISS Am./Can. Ch. Whitegates Only Make Believe

January 14, 1993 - December 10, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas food poisoning. Not really, but that's what I got... So a feeble Christmas post this year! Feeling very behind, but feeling better, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blizzard Birds

It was just a matter of time before our turn came, after being missed by all the big storms all around us, we've had a lot of snow over the last few days.

I feed the birds all year round, but with the storms, there is a feeding frenzy going on out there now. I keep filling up the feeders and trying to keep them from becoming too clogged with snow. I feel bad for them in this weather but love watching them at the feeders.

My favourite little bird, the Black-capped Chickadee. They gather in the trees and yell at me when I'm putting up the feeders, then get impatient and buzz me, landing on the feeders and me before I've even put them up. So cute!

Chickadees with a lone Red-breasted Nuthatch, jockeying for position on the snow clogged feeder.

Room for one more?

Sharing is fine. This male Downy didn't mind, just stay on your own side!

A new bird for me this year. There have been several of these around the last few days. Sparrow i.d. is tough sometimes, but I lucked out with this one, I started with rusty-capped sparrows, ...check, bill dark above, yellow below, .....yes, the top bill is dark and the bottom is yellow, I've never seen a two-toned beak on a bird before, I wonder if there are others like that?

The last piece of i.d., "single dark spot or "stickpin" on breast". That little smudge on the chest, which they all have. All very unique, too bad whoever named them must have been tired of sparrows that day ..... American Tree Sparrow. Let's see, it's a sparrow, it's in a tree, I'm standing in the U.S. of A...... so named!

Dark-eyed Junco. Birds that are only here in winter, they arrived before the snows. It's nice to see them again but their appearance does mean winter is close behind them. Difficult to get a good picture of them, like trying to take a good picture of a black dog, hard to get the eyes.

Mourning Doves are around here all year long. Even though they see me all the time, they are hard to get close to, except when they are hungry.

The Red-breasted Nuthatch and the female Downy at the suet.

Trying to get snow dog Holly to come in .... she makes a hole, lies in the snow and stays there until you can hardly see her. Must be part Siberian!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The First Real Snow

Despite a snowfall on Halloween which promptly melted, we haven't had any real snow yet this year until today. No snow in November at all, just like last year. No matter how late it comes I'm never really ready for it. The dogs are though! They all love it.

Sizzle and Roxy. I took everyone for a romp today, and even Netta pretty much followed along with us, taking just one shortcut. She is getting frail but hanging in there, even flirting with Mason. I'm sure she'll sleep now for the rest of the day! They were all happy to play in the snow.

Our house today. Max stopping to eat some (non yellow) snow.

Now to get the Christmas tree up. Might as well get it up early and enjoy it. I refuse to do anything Christmas related before December 1st though!

Nice to see all the ornaments again after a year. This is my favourite, made for me by my sister, with Netta representing. This one is always front and centre. About the size of the palm of your hand. I love the tiny string of lights. Perfect.