Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scotland - Golf for T, Zoo for Me

One final free day in Edinburgh (outskirts) before flying to Dublin for the Ireland portion of our trip. Since we were to be staying at the Marriott Dalmahoy which is surrounded by their two gorgeous golf courses, Terry planned to play a round of golf that last day in Scotland and I planned to spend the day at the Edinburgh Zoo.

The back of the Marriott Dalmahoy. The hotel purchased a beautiful old estate and turned the mansion into the hotel and the grounds into two 18 hole golf courses. Turn around on the spot and this is what you see:

One of the courses at the Marriott Dalmahoy. Terry was anxious to get out there! Unfortunately for us both, the weather was not the best, rainy. It got better later.

I started out indoors at the zoo. Edinburgh Zoo has a very good reputation, they have a big research program. They have a lot of monkeys, many of which had young babies. I had my camera all ready with the big lens on. Unfortunately, some time early in the day, I changed the setting on the camera without realizing it, as I was taking it in and out from under my coat to protect it from the rain. I learned a valuable lesson, as I don't tend to look at the LCD display as often as I should, so I didn't realize that the camera had been changed to "manual" (with no settings!) until MUCH later. Most of my pictures were ruined - some of which I could tell would have been really good. I had spent quite a bit of time at an outdoor monkey enclosure with great access, lots happening and lots of babies - all of those pictures were useless. Oh well! Could have been much worse, could have happened for the Royal Wedding!!

I did get a few decent pictures though.

Barbary Macaque mother and baby.

Barbary Macaques again, could be a little sharper but I really love the expression on the baby's face. So cute and so human.

My favourite shot. A Victoria Crowned Pigeon. They are big, the size of a female turkey, and really beautiful.

Lilac-breasted Roller.

Green-winged Dove

Chimpanzee contemplating life.

Contemplation over.

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